8 Benefits of an Animated Commercial

For all those who think animated movies are just for kids: you’re wrong! Animation in Curacao is popular, and it could not only be fun but also very effective for your marketing campaign. Today we’ will give you eight reasons why an animated commercial has so many benefits!


Animation makes any complicated message a lot easier to understand. Think about explaining something medical or something technical.

Heavy, sad or boring topics become more lightly and easy to watch when using animation.

Animation can give a recognizable appearance to any brand or company.

The sky is the limit! Animation can create literally anything you can imagine, or not even imagine, without using expensive or complicated special effects. You want a cow on roller skates? A ballerina dancing on the moon? Everything is possible!

Also, when creating an animation you don’t have to worry about unexpected weather. No storm, rain or snow to ruin the plans.

An animated ‘person’ has a lot of likeability and can grow into a popular character. Your character and your brand can become famous!

Are you an irresolute person? Don’t worry, because animation gives you so much more control about the amendments. When you change your mind about those specific shots at the beach, in ‘real life’ video you would have to do the entire video over. In animation it’s way more flexible and everything can be changed until you like it.

You might not expect it, but an animated commercial is a relatively low-cost way to deliver a message. No dealing with locations, models, or props. Keep in mind: an animated car crash is a lot cheaper than actually wrecking a vehicle. Just sayin’.


We hopefully inspired you to see the perks of animation. In case we got you overly excited, Caribbean Legacy does animations too. Check out our work!

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