How to Find Your Brand Voice?

How do you ensure that your brand has an authentic voice, that is reflected in the interaction with customers and truthfully tells your story?

Creating a voice that will make people turn for.

The reality is that it is not about a service or product. As a brand, it is your opinion that potential customers have to connect with. People find innovative thinking processes and unique values ​​interesting. They want something fun, something that makes them think. Customers are mainly looking for brands that match their values ​​and beliefs.

(Potential) customers want your brand to stand for something bigger. Something that transcends product or service. Something that adds experience and feeling to your brand. They don’t want to hear that your car is the best and cheapest in its class. They want to hear that the car ensures that the customer is safely taken from A to B at an appropriate price. Volvo does this. They don’t sell a car. They sell a product that makes your life easier, in their own words. Ultimately, it’s about valuing your target audience as a brand and connecting with their values ​​and beliefs.

You need to create demand for your brand with your brand voice. Grow your business by going beyond the basics of communication. Develop a real culture around your brand. Like standing up for a cause. This cultivates a caring personality that people are not only attracted to but also want to support by purchasing products or services.

An authentic point of view is therefore key. How do you get here? This starts with you as a leader and clear vision. You then develop a basic concept that reinforces your point of view and ensures that your message is reflected everywhere (brand voice). How do we do this? We will tell you based on the following questions.


Why does the company exist?

Simply put, the answer would be; “To earn money.” But it’s not that simple. Motivation is the starting point that gives the right to exist. Let’s give an example: Walt Disney would never have drawn his famous mouse if his motivation were not more meaningful than making money. Otherwise, he would of course have chosen a more attractive animal!


How do you want the company to be remembered?

How do you want to be remembered? This answer should be more than; “as the cheapest” or, “with the best service”. What does your company have a positive influence on? Start from the bigger goal. The mission and vision of your organization. Of course, the car is about more than just the 4-wheel steel case!


How, what, and in what way does a company communicate?

How can the company best speak, write and act? What is the target group you want to reach with this communication style? Are you on your way to creating an authentic culture that attracts, for example, a lifelong customer? Give your company DNA and choose the character that suits it.

Do I put my customers first and do I know what they need?

This question is not easy to answer. Customers often have a desire, but cannot always find the answer. If they knew how to solve that problem, they would have done it a long time ago. Putting customers at the heart of your organization really means understanding how to solve problems. In fact, sometimes they don’t even realize they have a problem. The trick here is to communicate. Put your customers first. Get them to know your company and the ‘why side’. It really helps to answer the first four questions. Now your company gets meaning and therefore a voice. Decide how you want to deploy the meaning. This lays the foundation for wonderful customer relationships and valuations. Ratings that you will see in your reviews.

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