Advertising on Google? Make your website even more visible with Google Ads, reach exactly the people you want to reach, and measure relevant data with Google Analytics.

With Google Ads, you create online advertisements to reach exactly the right people at the moment they are interested. You can promote your business, boost your sales, increase awareness and drive more traffic to your website. You should keep your Google Ads under control online, so you can adjust the ad at any time. In addition to that, you can choose who will see your advertisement, and choose your budget and everything is measurable. By constantly adjusting your ad, you can let the ad reach other people exactly whenever you want.

The advantages? It works faster than SEO, increases your brand awareness, is in constant contact with your visitors and all actions are measurable. Do you want to know who your visitors are and what they do on your website? We can provide you with analysis via Google Analytics. This data is important to grow your website. You will gain insight into the visitor data, and so you can see what they are doing on your website. You follow your visitors and get to know their behavior. You’ll discover things about your visitors that you might never have known otherwise. At Caribbean Legacy on Curaçao, we make a plan for your ads, the best designs and we keep an eye on everything via Google Analytics. We provide you with customer data and insights about your visitors in an analysis. We get you to know your visitors and let you deliver better results.

Check out our work that we have done in the Caribbean so you can get an idea of what we can do for you!

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