Success is built on solid strategies. Let us help you find the answer to that crucial marketing question: what do you want to be to whom? This will provide you with the key to your marketing & communication strategy, long- and short-term.

Understanding the difference between marketing strategy and communication strategy is essential to create an effective sales strategy. In short, the big difference between marketing and communication is that marketing is about “who do we want to be, who do we want to reach, and how are we going to reach them”. While communication is about “which message are we going to send and to whom”. Marketing sets the direction you want to go to and communication provides the tactical implementation of how you are going to get there. Marketing includes, for instance, research, analysis, planning, execution, and measuring various activities. This is in order to reach your target audience. Communication is persuading the target audience through the appropriate channels. Caribbean Legacy, a full-service advertising agency on Curaçao, can do it all for you.


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