Make that first impression a stunning one. Caribbean Legacy takes care of everything you need for your product launch. In this way capture the spotlight, from a nice booth, and beautiful location to all communication.

Launching your product is a critical time for your organization. Since the success of the launch could determine your company’s survival. Several factors cause a product to fail with one of the biggest being a lack of preparation. Caribbean Legacy knows what the keys to a successful launch are and how we can apply these to your business. We will start by determining the needs of your target market and create the message you would like to communicate. By identifying the purpose of the product launch we can set accurate goals and objectives. Also, we will consider how we are going to measure these.

As a creative company on Curaçao, we believe that one of the keys to success to a great product launch is building excitement and creating the demand for your product. We will do this by simultaneously working on a promotional / teaser advertisement campaign for you. We can make the product available to influencers, “leak” information on social media platforms, create landing/splash pages, write press releases, create a promo video, etc. Whichever “event” you have in mind to launch your product, Caribbean Legacy will make sure that it is perfectly timed and will be a great success!

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