From roadside LED signs to video screens in stadiums. LED Display Content enables you to present your brand in a dynamic, eye-catching way. Caribbean Legacy, located on Curaçao, delivers content in the Caribbean that gets the most out of this technology.

Providing the proper content for an LED display is more challenging than you would first imagine. There must be a balance between complex and simple content. Creative content, for example, is a great way to catch the attention of your viewers. However, without a clear call for action, your message might fall short of your intent. At Caribbean Legacy, we make sure that we provide you with perfectly balanced content that will display your message as intended while catching the attention of the viewers.

The content that we provide is always updated to the latest trends, fresh, and creates curiosity. We will assist you in designing the content for your video display from choosing the correct format and colors to choosing the right animation effects to draw attention.

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