We also provide training & workshops. From social media training to a positioning workshop; you can rely on Caribbean Legacy to provide customized solutions that enrich your organization with insights, knowledge, and skills.

Social media workshop

There is no way around it, whether you use it on a personal or business level, social media is everywhere. There are many different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Pinterest, Slideshare, Youtube, etc. Although social media can assist in increasing your visibility, there are a few things essential for your business strategy. For instance, profits, number of (potential) customers, and choosing the correct platforms. 

Caribbean Legacy offers a variety of social media Training & Workshops such as:

-> strategic training – we will show you how to use social media to create awareness

-> platform training – we will teach you how to work with the various social media platforms

-> implementation workshop – we will assist you in choosing the correct social media platform to create an effective social marketing communication plan.

-> Brand Positioning Training

Every business needs to position itself within the market with a competitive advantage. Therefore it is important that all brand-related activities have a common aim and are guided, directed, and delivered to the correct audience with the correct message. Having a positive brand position means that you inform your target audience. About what you can do for them and how they will benefit.

Caribbean legacy will assist you with obtaining a competitive position. This is done by creating brand awareness with the usage of various media outlets. We will provide you with a customized proposal that includes our recommendations concerning the proper communication strategies to reach your target audience and establish your brand.


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