We are looking for voice over talents!  

To expand our voice library we are looking for interesting new voices! Serious, educational, fun, young, old, or exciting; we need it all. Languages: Dutch, English, and Papiamentu.

Do you think you have a perfect voice for commercials, documentaries, audiobooks, or radio and have a chance to make some extra money by just using your voice? Would you say YES? Then you definitely should read further! 


Caribbean Legacy is an advertising company with services varying from video production to marketing. A brand new service that we want to take onto a higher level is voiceovers. Here at Caribbean Legacy, we have our professional studio where we can record voiceovers with voice artists. Currently, we are looking for more voice artists to expand our voice library. 

We want to expand our library so that we can attract more customers with different needs. Some customers want a sexy English voice for an advertisement whilst others want an instruction video with a serious Dutch voice. Different situations call for different voices. So the more variations the better!


So what do we want from you as a voice artist?

In order to have a good idea of what your language skills are we want to hear a voice demo of your voice. This voice demo can either be one you already have standing in your library or one that you will speak in. If you want to speak one in, you can find example texts below. Choose one that you think will express your voice best. 

If you want more information on how you can best record a voiceover at home you can read this article.

Once you have recorded your voice demo or you are using one from your library, you can send it to office@caribbean-legacy.com. In this mail you should include the following:

O Your voice demo

O The languages you wish to do voiceovers in (English/Dutch/Papiamentu)

O Previous experience with voiceovers 


Example text English

Description: Extreme Summer Sports Network is a channel targeted towards sporty young adults. This ad is trying to make surfing enthusiasts aware of a new documentary featuring three unknown surfers.

Art Direction: The listeners should feel inspired and enticed to tune into the documentary. Should be thrilling and upbeat. Read at a medium pace with a raspier tone of voice.

Surf’s Up! Watch our series chronicling the journey of three men searching for the biggest waves in the world. Through candid interviews with their families and friends, we get inside the heads of extreme surfers embarking on a rush of a lifetime. Surf’s Up! tonight on the Extreme Summer Sports Network.


Example text Dutch

Speak with enthusiasm, excitement, and joy. Here you can find an example video of you can approach it. 

Boost your play, met playstation plus. Voor 49,99 speel jij een heel jaar lang 45 top games. Download direct die games met elke maand minimaal 3 nieuwe toppers. Waaronder dit fantastische ‘little big planet 2’. Het playstation plus abonnement is verkrijgbaar in de winkel en in de playstation store.


Good luck! We will hear from you soon! 😉

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